To all our partners!

This is a formal notification reserved to all partners and friends of the NBDF/Rwanda.

Dear partners and friends, the NBDF/Rwanda is formaly announcing to you that Gakumba John Bosco is no longer working as the coordinator of the NBDF/Rwanda since March this 2019. All comunication for in and out of the organization, will be done by the Ag. chairperson of NBDF until further notice

We thank you for your usual collaboration

Ag. Chairperson of NBDF
Madam Nyiramana Verdiane
Tel: + 250 788410830

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in a Changing Climate in Bugesera District NCF: Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in a Changing Climate in Bugesera District

We are going to promote use of solar irrigation systems on bufferzones around lakes and rivers in sectors of Rweru, Rilima, Juru and Kamabuye. We shall plant 102000 improved fruit trees. They will be fast yielding, more resistant to climate impacts and give more yields than the traditional ones. We shall graft them. These fruits will include; mangoes, tree tomato, avocado, pawpaw and (...)Read more

Cooperation Between NBDF Rwanda and Embassy of Japan in uplifting Education Sector in Rwanda
The Nile Basin Discourse Forum in Rwanda, on 4th March 2014, signed a grant contract with Embassy of Japan of a total amount of 67,791,430FRW as support to a local member ADESEN for construction of a primary school in Murehe Sector of Rwamagana District. The funds are from the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security of the Embassy of Japan.

NBDF Rwanda on Climate Change Adaptation

The project seeks to achieve 3 main objectives: 1. To build capacity of Civil society Organizations on climate change adaptation 2. To provide adequate information by producing and disseminating awareness materials on climate change adaptation 3. Document and disseminate best practices of climate change adaptation and vulnerability reduction It will be implemented during 6 months from September 2009 to February 2010. The main (...)Read more

japangas emission, UNEP web
The Community Based Climate Change Adaptation project is in its final implementation since July, 2013 to November, 2015. The project has directly benefited 2500 local communities through knowledge acquisition through trainings of trainers that benefited 50 community representatives, established kitchen and nutrition gardens for 250 households, 210 solar kits installed in 210 households, hands on training for establishment compost making sites, distribution and installation of 1500 energy saving stoves, distribution of 65 goats, 60,000 ornamental and agro forestry trees grown in 5 nursery beds and planted in settlements, 15 underground rainwater harvesting tanks each with 10 Cubic Meters constructed in 5 settlement areas of vulnerable communities in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

Climate Change and Development - Adapting by Reducing Vulnerability

84 solar equipment distributed by NBDF Rwanda Coordinator supported by EU delegation. More photos

Ambassador Michael RYAN, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Rwanda visited NBDF activities

Community Based Climate Change Adaptation NBDF/EU Program Indicator Toolkit, Rwanda . funded by the European Union

Presentation of Community based climate change adaptation project; NBDF Rwanda. funded by the European Union

Read Community Based Climate Change Adaptation survey report

Download all EU-funded documents on Community Based Climate Change Adaptation - All Documents

Climate Change and Development - Adapting by Reducing Vulnerability Climate Change and Development - Adapting by Reducing Vulnerability
NBDF - Rwanda has a new committee
The Nile Basin Discourse Forum - Rwanda has elected an new steering committee composed of 9 members. The outgoing Chairperson congratulated the incoming Chairperson and his team and promised continued support Read more

Promoting sustainable agriculture in a changing climate in Bugesera district project. Baseline: 8 sectors of Bugesera district; Rweru, Nyarugenge, Ngeruka, Mareba, Ruhuha, Kamabuye, Juru and Rilima.

Call for Suppliers and Service Providers
Read more about the project

Final report for EU funded Community Based Climate Change adaptation project in eastern province of Rwanda by NBDF Rwanda

Dear All members of the Sector, allow me on behalf of NBDF Rwanda to share with you the report of conference held on 26th November 2015 at La Palisse Hotel, Nyandungu. It has various recommendations and few important points from participants that I think might add value to the sector.

1st Community Based Climate Change Adaptation (CBCCA) Conference & Exhibition, Kigali- Rwanda, 19th ? 20th November 2015

Call for Evaluation of CBCCA Project

Call for participation in the Climate and Energy conference in Kigali

Indicator Toolkit and Guideline Training Manual for CBCCA

EU project documents