NBDF - Rwanda has a new committee


Group photo of the new Steering Committeeof NBDF Rwanda (from left to right; Sehene Chrysostome, Emmanuel Safari, Mukankubana Xaverine, Uwimana ALbertine, Jean Baptiste Habiyaremye, Mukantanabana Chrissance, Rwakisibo James and Dancilla Mukakamari).

Prepared and Submitted by: John Gakumba NPC-Rwanda NDF.


Brief introduction

The General assembly is normally supposed to convene after every two years period when funds are flowing normally to review Project Progress and enhance togetherness of members and recruitment of new members into the NBD family in Rwanda. The third General Assembly attracted more than 45 participants including members, observers and media.

However, due to financial constraints, the Rwandan NDF previous General Assembly too place on the 20th March 2009, following the first one that had earlier on convened in 2006.

Opening remarks and proceedings of the meeting
After arrival of participants, Ms Albertine Uwimana, the outgoing Chairperson of the NBDF Rwanda called on the members to show the selflessness that has characterized them throughout her tenure of office, and the relentless efforts and zeal that they had portrayed so as to promote the ideals purposely for the promotion of the NBDF at national level, and further urged them to be more cooperation, as a prerequisite for the achievement of the NBD’S goals in the Nile Basin Region.

Among the main issues of discussion on the day’s agenda included the following:

  1. Brief summary and introduction on NBDF Rwanda’s establishment
  2. Presentation of minutes of previous General Assembly by the outgoing Secretary General
  3. Project status both financial and technical reporting for the period 2009-2011 by the National Coordinator
  4. Update of the Regional NBD progress and future perspective by the member of NBD Board who is the Regional Treasurer to the NBD
  5. Recruitment of new NBDF Rwanda members with full registration documents by the Rwanda Law of NGOs
  6. Elections of the New Steering Committee
  7. Etc

To start the meeting officially the quorum had to be verified. The outgoing legal advisor confirmed that the quorum was complete and then the meeting started with the outgoing Chairperson’s presentation on NBDF Rwanda since its establishment in 2006.
The outgoing Chairperson further informed the new applicants about the full requirements to acceptance to the NBDF Rwanda membership and their contribution fee as required of thirty thousand francs (30000 frw) usual members whereas the honorary members of the NBDF have to pay one hundred thousand francs (100,000 frw) annually.
She cited the difference as a result of the differing financial standing among the two types of membership to the NBDF.
After the outgoing Chairperson, the outgoint Secretary General also made a presentation of the previous General Assembly of 20th March 2009.

Following on the above agenda was a presentation from the National Coordinator, hence, including financial and technical reports for NBDF’s achievements within the CC DARE Joint UNEP-UNDP Program and the current NBD Program that were presented to the members, which were subsequently approved by the members of the General Assembly.

The national coordinator (standing) making an expose for the technical and financial reports to General Assembly.

New entrants to the NBD/NBDF Rwanda members

Three membership applications from:

  1. RISE, which deals in water supply, environment education and agriculture development, and whose operational zones include Gasabo which is a Kigali City suburb, Kicukiro a Kigali City suburb and also operating Bugesera in the Eastern Province, Rwamagana in the Eastern Province, Kamonyi in the Southern Province and Gakenke in the Northern Province.
  2. The second new member organization is ATEDEC: action technique pout un developpement communautaire, which means technical action for community development, with its headquarters based at Kimironko, a Kigali City suburb. Their activities include lute contre la povaurete, meaning fighting poverty and the protection of environment.
  3. The third new member is an organization known as AHID, which in full means action for health integrated development.

Representative of AHID describing his project activities and operational zone, also giving reasons for application for NBDF Rwanda membership and his innovations towards NBD as a requirement

Elections of New Steering Committee

A systematic requirement was highlighted whereby an electorate commission was formed by a Chair who is not a member of NBDF and two honorary members to monitor and manage the elections and do not have voting powers in NBDF Rwanda.
A tallying system was done openly on high a competitive rate whereby nominees were supposed to make a short presentation to prove their potential for the various posts.

Unlike the previous Steering Committee of six members, this time there was two more additions as shown below and the current position holders:

Posts Nominee Organization
1. Chair Person Jean Baptiste Habiyaremye Voice of Community
2. Vice Chair Person Uwimana Albertine ARJ
3. Secretary General Mukakamari Dancilla ARECO RWANDA NZIZA
4. Treasurer Mukankubana Xaverine JOC FILLES
5. Legal Advisor Emmanuel Safari ARDHO
6. Gender Mukantabana Chrissance Association Nzambazamaria Venerandah
7. Technical Advisor Sehene Chrysostome RECOR
8. Communication Advisor and Public Relations Rwakisibo James RHEPI

Nominations and tallying in progress

As the motto depicts one Nile One Family became clearly manifested during the elections that brought in new members of steering committee.
After the election results were confirmed, a new Steering Committee was formed and the outgoing Chair congratulated the incoming Chairperson and his team and promised continued support and a handover ceremony to be held during the next week.
In his remarks, the new Chairperson promised cooperation and strengthened lobbying for decentralization of project activities as has been continuously requested by the NBDF Rwanda members for further and concrete actions on the ground.
A cocktail was held and the day’s events of the General Assembly were successfully closed.

Prepared by:
GAKUMBA John Bosco, NPC…………………………………..

Chair of the Meeting: Albertine UWIMANA, Outgoing Chairperson………………………………………