Final Evaluation Terms of Reference: Community Based Climate Change Adaptation (CBCCA)

Objectives of the final Review

The objective of the Final Evaluation is to assist European Union, NBDF Rwanda, RECOR and partners to assess the progress of CBCCA outcomes and based on this assessment, to take decisions on the future orientation and emphasis of the project. This evaluation will also identify windows of opportunities for upscaling, evaluate participatory and implementation challenges as well as success.

Through the final evaluation, EU as funder and NBDF Rwanda together with RECOR as implementers would like to determine the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the project. The review will assess the achievements of the project to finality against its stated outcomes, including a re-examination of the relevance of the
outcomes and of the project design. It will also identify significant factors that facilitated or impeded the delivery of outcomes. Whilst a review of the past is in itself very important, the evaluation is expected to lead to recommendations and lessons learned for the future.

The review will, using the methodology described below, and bearing in mind the following points, review the status of each project outcome.

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