Mission of NBDF Rwanda

The main mission of the NBDF is to bring the Civil Society Organisations to a level of fully playing their role in the Nile Basin development designed by the Nile Basin Initiative through competence development, capacity building, setting up networks and solid links on all the levels of the Civil Society and the Government.

The following missions come from member associations of the Forum, and the NBDF integrated them to reinforce the main mission. It is a matter of:

1. Promoting a safe and pleasant environment for a reinforced and durable socio-economic development

2. Reinforcing associations and cooperatives in order to ensure food security through a durable agriculture based on rational exploitation of local resources free of danger towards the environment.

3. Contributing to make the Rwandan woman from the rural area a player of her own development and the development of her society and we should notice that a woman is considered to be a recognised spokesperson as far as development is concerned.

4. Promoting the active contribution of the Rwandan woman to the development

5. Working for sustainable human development in the rural area, shared between women and men.

5. Empowering the population to build a better and durable development.

6. To ensure the culture of respecting the civil, political, cultural and socio-economic rights in favour of every person living in Rwanda without any discrimination.

7. To plead in favour of Environment and natural resources protection in order to ensure a durable development;

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