NBDF RWANDA Objectives

The strategic objectives of the Forum were drawn from the Forum Statutes Document, from the National Work-plan of NBDF and were enriched with information drawn from strategic plan documents of other member Associations of the NBDF. This approach allows consolidating the objectives of the Forum with contributions from the members and it will facilitate the allotment of tasks between members and the implementation of the strategic plan. The following are the strategic objectives of the 0orum for the next five years:

1. To set up a consultation and dialogue framework on the Nile together with Governmental institutions, Civil Society and other involved parties through Nile Basin Development.

2. To make people aware of NBDF activities in Rwanda, programmes of the Nile Basin Initiative in Rwanda, durable conservation and management of natural resources and the environment.

3. Involving member NGOs of the Forum in the Nile Basin Initiative development programmes, which are protection and management of natural resources and the environment.

4. Reinforcing cooperation means/mechanisms with projects and programmes of the Nile Basin Initiative in Rwanda such as NELSAP, CBSI, NTEAP and other projects, and to develop the multi-player partnership for a durable management of natural resources and environment.

5. Contributing to the reinforcement of a society/community that can equitably and durably improve the living quality of its population according to policies and practices that consider the woman.

6. To reinforce organisational, functional and judicial capacities of the NBDF and member Organisations in Rwanda.

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